Casitas - Rancho La Puerta

Choose Your Comforts

The Ranch is truly incomparable. Your “room” is really a freestanding villa of luxurious style, proportion (many exceed 1,000 square feet) and privacy. It’s your personal refuge for the week. Our 86 garden casitas are available in seven different categories based on size and amenities.

My casita’s patio was heaven: I loved stepping outside in the morning to watch the birds hop along atop a sun-warmed boulder beneath the oaks, while the morning sun descended Mt. Kuchumaa like a golden curtain.

– Sheila Arnold

Ranchera Solo

Ranchera Solos are roomy studios with one bed. They are comfortable for one guest and are built in clusters in central areas closest to the Dining Hall and gyms.

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Rancheras are roomy studios, comfortable for one or two guests and closest to the Dining Hall and gyms.

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Our Haciendas are roomy and private, with great sitting areas and fireplaces

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Villa Junior

Our spacious Junior Villas have bedrooms that are more separate from sitting areas.

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Villa Studio

Villa Studios are the largest “studio” units at the Ranch, many accommodating up to three people.

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Villa Suite

House-like, with two separate bedrooms and two private bathrooms

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Villas Cielo

Cielo—a “heaven” or “sky.” Villas Cielo offer their guests very private sanctuaries.

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