The Ranch - Rancho La Puerta

A spa with soul

Rancho La Puerta’s 4,000 acres include 40 miles of hiking trails, 32 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens, and an organic farm with a cooking school. We have eleven gyms, four pools, a running track, as well as tennis, Pickleball, basketball and volleyball courts. There are three full-service holistic spas. Guests stay in 86 individual casitas peppered throughout the resort. As you walk winding brick paths, you’ll happen upon a wine bar, juice bar or art studio. There are countless indoor and outdoor gathering spaces, as well as WiFi lounges for dedicated screen time. As you wander further, you’ll discover a labyrinth, reflexology path and three dozen hammocks slung between the oaks.

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Dwell in beauty and privacy in one of our 86 casitas tucked away in luxuriant grounds. While casita means “little house” in Spanish, many of our lodgings exceed 1,000 square feet with space for relaxing, writing and reflecting.

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The Grounds

The Ranch is part of the natural world, rather than the other way around. The Ranch’s landscaped gardens are an abstraction of nature, with a tapestry of plants that thrive in our chaparral landscape. Casitas, gyms, spas, pavilions and pools are set in our sprawling village like hidden jewels.

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La Cocina Que Canta

Set in the heart of our six-acre farm, La Cocina Que Canta (“The Kitchen That Sings!”) celebrates the magical results of cooking with just-picked organic ingredients. Working together, each class creates and dines on a delightful meal—an unforgettable culinary memory.

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Organic Farm

The farm is a vibrant tapestry of orchards, intensively planted raised beds, and herbs—all of them managed via the organic and sustainable practices that have guided us since 1940.

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Ranch Gallery

The Ranch is more than a resort, it’s a retreat. It’s not only exercise, it’s a lifestyle. It’s fellowship that leads to friendship. Transport yourself with an array of images from our photo gallery

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