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Blissful Journey Pedicure

The Blissful Journey Pedicure set my feet on the right path for feeling smooth and refreshed. I’ve been getting ready to walk a lot of miles on a three-day trek. Between regular morning runs and extended walks, I’ve put a lot of stress on my feet and body.  I wanted to shift my muscles into a more harmonious state, and luckily, I knew of the ideal solution.


The Blissful Journey Pedicure at The Ranch Beauty Salon incorporates reflexology, massage and foot care into one treatment.  When I arrived at the Beauty Salon, the staff warmly greeted me and led me to the reflexology path outside the building.  It’s a beautiful circular pathway with a sculpture in the middle, as notable for its beauty as for its therapeutic efficacy. The stones slightly protrude and their smooth roundness felt refreshing as I gingerly walked over them.  I walked slowly and thoughtfully around the spiral, which helped me regulate the amount of pressure I placed on my feet.


After a few minutes, I was led back inside and my feet were given a warm bath in a silver tub filled with water and flowers.  I felt like a king in the overstuffed chair.  My feet were then scrubbed with a blend of crème, sugar and tea tree oil, and then wrapped in warm towels before being pruned and filed. Even before my feet were moisturized and massaged, they felt amazing, like new feet.


I told my esthetician about my upcoming hike and she exclaimed, “You’re going on a beautiful trip, so you need to have beautiful feet.”  I couldn’t agree more.  And after an amazing 90 minutes, my treatment was over. I felt like I was floating across The Ranch on a chariot of clouds as I walked back to my casita.

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