WATSU and WaterDance Demonstration - Rancho La Puerta
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WATSU and WaterDance Demonstration

Learn about WATSU® and WaterDance® in this demonstration.

WATSU® (also referred to as Water Shiatsu) principles are rooted in Eastern Philosophy that focus on whole body health, balance, and holistic healing practices. The practice was developed by Harold Dull in 1980 at the Northern California School of Shiatsu and Massage.  Inspired by his Zen Shiatsu studies in Japan while floating students in warm water, Dull incorporated the Shiatsu stretches and methodologies into his water practice. With his deep understanding of our body’s ability to store trauma, to release it and renew, he knows freedom rests in unlocking those blocks to bring about a healthy state. Like Shiatsu, WATSU focuses on releasing impediments along our meridians – the channels through which our “Chi” or life-force flow. WATSU® sessions are held in 96-degree warm water – the same temperature as our skin – and incorporate a series of stretches that lengthens muscles while increasing flexibility and range of motion. The recipient is cradled in a floating position as their head rests just above the water and their ears are just below it. Noise is quieted, and with eyes closed, the buoyancy of the warm water relieves the weight on the body, which frees the spine, takes pressure off the vertebrae and relaxes the muscles. The support of the water allows the spine to be moved in ways impossible on land as gentle, gradual twists and pulls relieve the pressure that a rigid spine places on nerves

WaterDance® was originally developed in Switzerland in 1987 independently of WATSU®. The founders, Arjana Brunschwiler and Aman Schroter referred to the modality as “an underwater three-dimensional journey where time and space lose their meaning”. WaterDance™ emphasizes gentle and dynamic, flowing movement above and below water. After being stretched, massaged and relaxed at the surface, the receiver is given a nose clip to prevent water from entering the nasal passages and then gradually guided entirely underwater. Touch or movement signals are used to communicate when the receiver is to be submerged and the therapist carefully times submersion in coordination with the receiver’s breath. The receiver is gently guided into a weightless, three-dimensional, underwater world where they are skillfully maneuvered, swayed, and “flown” while being regularly brought to the surface for breath.  Graceful, dolphin-like movements combined with stretching and massage magically release tension, stress and pain. The rhythmic movement and deep silence elicit an effortless state of meditation, resulting in profound peace, inner awareness, joy and trust. Experience a WaterDance and emerge not just relaxed, but reborn!