Mike Bee - Rancho La Puerta

Mike Bee

Specialty: Strength & Dance

Mike has been teaching at The Ranch and Golden Door since 1980.  He returned to Rancho La Puerta has a full time instructor in 2007.  His classes include Hiking, Fit Check, Body Bar, Sculpt, Circuit, Stretch, Country Western Line Dancing, Cardio Drum Dance, Water Works, Cardio Boxing, Super Cross Training, Trekking, Release & Mobilize, L.A.B. Circuit, Par Course, Balance and Coordination, Volleyball, Fitball and Foam Roller.  His speciality? “Anything I teach must have valuable information, be a lot of fun, and loaded with sarcasm!”  His hobbies include rescuing, fostering & finding homes for dogs and cats as well as taking care of The Ranch cats.

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