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Intensive Release

This treatment releases energy blockages and stimulates circulation, which relieves stress and increases wellbeing in the entire body. Trigger point, myofascial release, shiatsu, and neuromuscular are some of the techniques combined to address chronic muscle conditions. Body assessments are performed for best results.

Xocolatl Skin Replenishment

In ancient Mexico, chocolate (xocolatl) was considered to be food for the Gods. This native-inspired ritual feeds the skin with antioxidants from cacao. Nourishing cacao butter and sugar make a delicious body butter scrub that conditions and softens the skin. Exfoliation is followed by a yogurt and honey mask and body cocoon that renews texture of the skin. Massage infused with cacao is the ultimate body nourishment.

Rosemary Loofah Salt Glow

Soft and radiant skin emerges as a natural loofah thoroughly cleanses pores and removes dead layers of skin. A scrub made with Tres Estrellas crushed rosemary, organic oil, salt, honey, and oatmeal is used to exfoliate the body, and a soothing lotion is applied afterwards. This salt glow stimulates circulation and leaves skin satin-smooth.

90-minute treatment includes a 50-minute full body massage.

Detox Cupping Treatment

Release stored toxins, improve circulation, and reduce the appearance of cellulite. A hydrating oil infused with mother of pearl extract is applied to the body, and small silicone cups are used to create areas of suction on the skin. The cups are then glided in massage like strokes toward the lymph nodes. Some discomfort may arise as the body is detoxified, and skin may feel tender after the experience.

Traditional Energy Balance

This traditional treatment balances your energy field with gentle touch. Relax as your therapist uses long massage strokes, sacred geometry, and aromatic native herbs to create a healing experience. Your energy will be restored to its natural vibration and frequency.