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Wisteria Spa and Beauty Package

Combining the best elements of spa and beauty, our Wisteria Package cleanses, relaxes, restores and energizes the body. This all-encompassing wellness experience will leave you with an overall sense of well-being. 

  •  Sunday–Rosemary Loofah Salt Glow, 50 minutes 
  • Monday– Ranch Classic Massage, 50 minutes 
  • Tuesday–Happy Hand and Feet, 50 minutes 
  • Wednesday–Xocolatl Skin Replenishment, 90 minutes 
  • Thursday– Mountain Sage Hot Stone Massage, 50 minutes 
  • Friday– Harmonizing Firming Facial, 80 minutes 

Sports Recovery Massage

The perfect treatment after a day of activities! This deep massage incorporates a variety of massage techniques with some assisted stretching to release muscle tension, improve flexibility, and range of motion. It also aids in the prevention of injuries.

Traditional Energy Balance

This traditional treatment balances your energy field with gentle touch. Relax as your therapist uses long massage strokes, sacred geometry, and aromatic native herbs to create a healing experience. Your energy will be restored to its natural vibration and frequency.

Harmonizing Firming Facial

Our treatment restores  youthful elasticity and leaves your skin feeling hydrated, fresh, and radiant. This facial starts with a deep cleansing and purification of the skin, followed by polishing and a mask that smooth fine lines, rejuvenates, and rehydrates—a “harmony” of results!

Happy Hands & Feet

Experience a relaxing combination of foot reflexology and hand massage. This therapeutic treatment releases energy blockages in the meridians and trigger points across the entire body. A warm finishing dip of essential oils leaves your hands and feet satiny smooth and soft.