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A Path for Personalized Wellness

Week of September 7, 2024

Lifestyle Approaches to Reduce Chronic Medical Conditions
The Mediterranean diet can lower the risk of chronic diseases. We’ll explore tips about not only nutrition but also about lifestyle approaches.  Discover how the Mediterranean lifestyle improves health and how you can include this into your daily habits.

Hot Topics in Wellness: Wellbeing, Joy and Weight Loss Drugs
How we take care of ourselves has a significant influence on our health. We’ll have a holistic discussion about the various dimensions of wellbeing, pros and cons of weight loss drugs as well as the often-overlooked elements of fun and joy. Learn how you can incorporate unique strategies for wellness into your everyday life.

What’s Spirituality Got to Do with It?
Did you know that people with a higher sense of spirituality live longer? Spirituality in wellness embraces a sense of purpose as well as a connection to self and others. This is important at all stages of life. Find out about the research behind the significance of spirituality in wellness and discover ways you can augment your own sense of spirituality.

Pillow Talk: A Sleep Conversation
You may know that sleep impacts wellness. Do you know why sleep is important? It’s not just the amount of sleep but it’s the quality of sleep too. What can you do to get better sleep? We’ll take a deep dive into sleep for everyone and also for specific groups like women. Come hear about strategies for improving sleep.

Nicola Finley, MD, is a clinician and an innovative educator in integrative medicine with over 20 years of experience working with clients of a luxury wellness resort environment, as well as underserved communities in Arizona. She is an international speaker known for her evidence-based, engaging seminars. Dr. Finley is a board-certified internal medicine physician, fellowship trained in integrative medicine, and an adjunct faculty member at the Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health at the University of Arizona. Currently, she runs a boutique consulting business which focuses on a holistic view of wellness – mind, body and spirit.