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A Time for Reflection, Connection and Hope

Week of December 26, 2020

Vibrate in and Affirm Your New Year’s Intention with Jill Thiry
A sound healing and meditation start to set your stage and complete 2020. Then journaling  and word-boarding to help focus and plan your upcoming intentions.  Not resolutions, but Achievable, Easy Steps to become your best you! Jill has 18 years experience with family intention setting and seven years coaching people through sitting, thinking, writing, envisioning, planning and practicing their best intentions for themselves.  When you sit honestly with the gifts you want, you get them. You will leave with a mantra for the year, which will guide and assist your new thinking and practicing for the year.

Jill Thiry, Founder and Chief Energizing Officer of Club Change, will guide you with sound healing, meditation and journaling. You will leave energized on your present path filled with your intended you for 2021!  Visit jillthiry.com for more information.



Music Performances led by Monique Mead
During this week when the fingers of 2020 interlace with the fingers of 2021, we are mindful that in music, adversity often walks hand in hand with tremendous beauty. The musical performances will highlight music’s power to dissolve the distance between us, inspire creativity, and move forward with hope.

Violinist, Monique Mead is recognized internationally as innovative performer, presenter, and educator. Whether performing at the Berlin Philharmonic Hall, a preschool, or the top of Mt. Kuchuuma, Monique creates unique musical experiences that spark insight and foster connection.  For over 20 years, she has toured with major German orchestras such as the Bavarian Radio Orchestra, Cologne Philharmonic, and the Berlin Radio Orchestra, presenting interactive concerts and appearing on German radio and television series.  She serves as Director of Music Entrepreneurship at Carnegie Mellon University where she also teaches violin at the Preparatory School.  She enjoys performing with her talented teens, Isabel and Tino.  Visit website.


Timothy HinchliffPrayer Arrows with Tim Hinchliff
Make your own Prayer Arrow as you enter the New Year, and enjoy our traditional tamales and hot  chocolate by the fireplace.