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All About Sleep

Week of July 6, 2024

Sleep: Secrets and Strategies
Sleep is a key factor in our cognitive, emotional, and physical wellbeing.  Demystify the science of sleep, why we need it, and what happens if we don’t get it. Learn the essentials of sleep disorders, how to recognize them, and what to do if you might have one.

Chasing Sleep: A Do-it-Yourself Guide to Overcoming Insomnia
Trouble sleeping can interfere with life, both night and day, and is almost always treatable – without medication. Learn how to decode sleep struggles identify your own opportunities for better sleep. Build your own do-it-yourself toolkit for insomnia and begin to craft your own approach to effective sleep.

Sleep and Performance: Strategize Your Sleep to Maximize Physical and Mental Potential
We’ll delve into the science behind the power of sleep and strategize ways to survive and thrive when sleep is hard to come by.  Each participant will leave with a plan for optimizing sleep for their own resilience and performance.

Lifestyle for Life
Evidence-based lifestyle changes can prevent, treat, and even reverse chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity. Learn the key elements of the pillars of lifestyle medicine, including plant-based dietary pattern, exercise, restorative sleep, stress management, and positive social relationships. Decode food labels, food industry jargon, and dietary guidelines, build an exercise plan to meet your own goals, explore joy and meaning through positive psychology.

Sarah ZallekSarah Zallek, MD is a sleep neurologist who has been practicing sleep medicine with a mindfulness approach – and teaching sleep with relevance and humor to a wide range of audiences – for more than two decades. She is a professor of neurology at University of Illinois College of Medicine, is board certified in Neurology, Sleep Medicine, and Lifestyle Medicine. She is Medical Director of OSF HealthCare Sleep and Vice President, Chief Medical Officer of OSF Saint Joseph Medical Center. She has developed and led conferences that integrate mindfulness, art, and science to foster individual wellness and reduce burnout. In addition, she has led the development of a compassion-based communication course that connects individuals to work together toward shared goals. Dr. Zallek is a frequent keynote speaker and industry consultant on communication and leadership.