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Ancient Healing Secrets

Week of November 28, 2020

Ancient Healing Secrets Which Can Change Your Life Forever
Through his TEDx talk which has reached millions, and his best-selling new book, Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer: A Western Skeptic, an Eastern Master, and Life’s Greatest Secrets, Clint reveals how it was love for his father that pushed him beyond the barriers of what he thought was logical or possible, into a world in which ‘healing miracles’ are an everyday experience. Now endorsed by top athletes, brilliant doctors, and blessed by great spiritual leaders, the ancient secrets Clint shares from recently departed master healer Dr. Naram are both extremely practical and life-changing. And the story of how he learned them is sure to both entertain and inspire you.


Clint G. Rogers, Ph.D., is a university researcher who had no time for ‘alternative medicine,’ until he encountered the ancient healing world of Dr. Naram while desperately searching for a solution to keep his own father alive. Since then, Dr. Rogers spent 10 years traveling with Dr. Naram, documenting many ancient secrets and thousands of healing stories. He has now published a book, Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer, in which he shares some of those stories and the ancient secrets which can change your life. In the book, he describes meeting great Himalayan masters who are living to more than 130 years and reveals the six secret keys they are using to create and maintain vibrant health, unlimited energy, and peace of mind.

Dr. Rogers is currently the CEO of Wisdom of the World Wellness, a media publishing company whose mission is to inspire moments of awe that empower and connect people to the best part of themselves. He is also trustee of the Ancient Secrets Foundation and President of the International Ministry of Peace.

Dr. Rogers has been invited to speak to organizations, businesses, and universities around the world on such topics as synergistic cross-cultural collaboration, social entrepreneurship, innovation, global virtual teams, mobilizing online movements, fostering human potential, and the impact of media and technological diffusion on international business and development. In the last decade, Dr. Rogers has lived in or visited nearly 90 countries, trying to get a pulse on how things are changing internationally.