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As We Stand at The Trailhead of a New Year…

Week of December 30, 2023

At The Trailhead: An Invitation to Transformation
As we stand at the trailhead of a new year, we are at a threshold of sorts. That space between what has been and what could be is nothing less than an invitation to transformation.

Transformation is what happens when we allow ourselves to learn from and be changed by our experiences. The Ranch offers the kinds of spirit, space, and grace that make the magic of transformation possible. Embark on an inspiring and insightful week of reflection, curiosity, and imagination, as we take stock of where we’ve been, where we are now, and where life might be calling us.

Evening Program: Threshold Moments
There are such things as threshold moments”. Those times when we are invited to step over our fear and uncertainty and venture out into the unknown. Such moments call upon our courage, and whenever we accept the invitation being offered, we find our way to an even more authentic and full-hearted life. Come listen, reflect, and consider your own threshold moments, past, present, and future.

Workshop #1: At The Trailhead
If transformation is what happens when we are changed by our experience, then taking the next right step begins with a right understanding of where weve been and where we are now. Our lives dont happen by accident. We create them every day and one step at a time. This time will be a safe space for you to engage in some courageous thinking and thoughtful action planning.

Workshop #2: A Way with Words
Words can shine a light on the trail. A well-chosen word to illuminate the way forward is both practical and powerful. It can becomes a lens through which to more clearly see our next right steps.  Come play with words to see which one(s) might guide you in this new year ahead. As T.S. Elliot said, “…last year’s words belong to last year’s language, and next years words await another voice.”

Workshop #3 Discernment: The Practice of Choosing Wisely
Regardless of life chapter or circumstance, we are inundated with choices. Our lives are filled with responsibilities, challenges, opportunities and possibilities. Where to invest our time, energy, money, skills, and gifts? Where, how, and to whom do we offer what we have to give? This workshop will introduce you to a practical discernment framework that will help you choose wisely.


Molly Davis is a writer, speaker, and coach. The founder of Trailhead Coaching &Consulting, she helps people courageously connect who they are with how they live.

Author of the award winning BLUSH: Women & Wine, a book in which she explores why she often used wine as a classy looking coping mechanism, and why others might do the same. And yes, she still loves good wine.

“There is a trail leading deeper into our own lives; the trailhead lies squarely beneath our feet. Taking the next right step begins with a right understanding of where we stand now. Our lives don’t happen by accident; we participate in creating them every day, and one step at a time.”