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Week of August 5, 2023

Ayurveda and Biohacking
Ayurveda & Self -Assessment – Discover What Your Body Is Telling You
Ayurveda & Customized Healing – Tailor Treatments to Your Needs

Siva Mohan, MD, MPH, is a big picture person. An integrationist. A pattern seer.

As a UN Social Affairs Officer and working globally with private clients for over 13 years, Dr. Siva realized that even educated, active people are missing the basics of wellness. Across cultures and continents, we are leading lives set up for chronic disease and discontentment.

Siva’s mission is to teach people to feel again; to be able to hear what their bodies and hearts are guiding them to shift. And then, to give them tools and approaches to accomplish those healthy shifts.

With an MD, and background in behavior change and education, Siva presents an empowering East-West Mind-Body version of Ayurveda. She guides her audience to individualized wellness lifestyle with tools and approaches from Ayurveda, emotional wellness, and modern science.

Her book, courses and content can be found at ayurvedabysiva.com.