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Begin Your Year Right Journaling for Well-Being

Week of January 13, 2024

Writing Workshop – three sessions
Whether you are working on a short story or novel, crave healing through writing, or would simply like to structure your thoughts, these workshops will use time-tested strategies to get your creative juices flowing. Translating thoughts and feelings into written words can provide wide-ranging benefits that support emotional, physical, and mental health … plus, the process can be fun! With no judgment and no pressure to share or read aloud, we will discuss different perspectives and styles and use prompts to help tap into your inner writer. Classes will be tailored to the specific group.

How to Make Your Publishing Dream a Reality: The Power of Journaling and Writing Prompts
Award-winning author Holly Hodder Eger will share how she managed to turn a short story into a novel and, at the age of 55, realized her dream of publishing her first book. She will discuss how she was able to complete her first draft thanks to the invaluable help of writing workshops, a supportive book group, and a deadline-imposing coach, and explain how she learned to harness the power of journaling and her sub-conscious to write chapters and set boundaries with her family and friends to carve out sacred writing time.


Award-winning author Holly Hodder Eger published her first book, Split Rock: A Martha’s Vineyard Novel, at the age of 55. She is currently at work on a historical fiction based on secret letters passed down from her family, while also teaching and leading writing workshops. Her travel articles and personal commentaries have been featured in national and local newspapers as well as on NPR. Holly graduated with honors from Harvard College and received an M.A. in English from the University of Virginia. She and her husband, having moved their three children and dogs internationally seven times, now live in Portola Valley, California.