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Bendable Body | John and Sita

Week of December 14, 2019

Bendable Body is a team of highly­ skilled flexibility trainers who transform tired, stiff, pain­-riddled bodies into healthy, gloriously bendable beings. Our unique stretching method — The Bendable Body Method — is a specialized form of resistance stretching that works on the fascia along the energetic meridian lines that influence every aspect of your health. The Bendable Body Method facilitates healing on multiple levels — biomechanical, physiological, emotional and energetic — enabling you to enjoy a life without pain or stiffness.

Full Body Stretch: 
Every morning… take back your body! Back pain? Shoulders tight? Everything seem like a pain in the neck? Get immediate relief with The Bendable Body Method. Stressed and frustrated? Don’t worry — we stretch that out too. Specialized stretches are aligned with the energetic meridian lines in your body. This means while you are enjoying the physical benefits (goodbye pain and stiffness) of having a more bendable body, not just your fascia but every cell in your body is experiencing healing transformation as well. As you might imagine, these kinds of changes are far reaching and affect every aspect of your life — physical, emotional, spiritual, cognitive, and energetic.

Stretches for organs and physiological health: 
Do you suffer from brain fog? There’s a stretch for that. How about leaky gut? There’s another stretch for that. And what about getting up multiple times a night to go to the bathroom? There is a stretch that will help you stop doing that right away… It also happens to help with back pain! In the same way that acupuncture stimulates the flow of Qi through the body and increases your physiological health, so does stretching the fascia along those meridian lines. During this afternoon class you will learn all 16 stretches to effect each major organ and primary meridian in your body. 


John Kelly: I have always been athletic. As a kid, I played a lot of sports. But even way back then my body was extremely tight and inflexible. As a result, I had chronic low back pain, poor digestion, and allergies. After working ten years on Wall Street at Bears Stearns my body had enough. I was broken: physically, mentally and spiritually.

Today I am pain-free, at my peak health, and I sprint faster than I did in high school… and it just keeps getting better. I have extensive experience working with athletes, including NFL Football players and Hall of Fame tennis players. 

When it comes to stretching, it’s just a matter of doing it and you will get results. I come up with new stretches and experience old stretches in new ways. I never cease to be amazed at the added space and rotation I get in my joints. I’ve always felt like I need to be an example for this work, a representation. I was so stiff when I started – if I can do it, anyone can. 

What I didn’t know, was I would be a middle-aged guy looking at my peers and watching their physical decline… while I seem to be aging backward. 


Sita Hagenburg: I have a degree in Religious Studies from The University of California, Santa Barbara. I spent 14 years as a nun at the Vedanta Society, studying Hindu philosophy and practicing meditation. When I first heard about resistance stretching, it struck me as something I knew to be true: your body is a map of your mind. 

I love to share in the journey with people. Nothing thrills me more than when a new person does their first stretch series and feels the pain melt away. It’s happened so many times – you would think I’d be used to it by now. But I still get so excited for them!

Stretching – true confession – it’s the only exercise I tolerate. I am a worker, that’s how I keep moving and blow off steam. But it trashes the body. When I think back on my condition 5 years ago compared to what it is today, I am astounded. It’s like I’m in my body now. I notice little things and deal with them right away. In the past, I would have ignored them and got by on youth. We all know that only works for so long…

What I didn’t know was I would be 40… imagining a greater level of health, wellness, and mobility at 50… than I even I had when I was 20.