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Bender Ball with Leslee Bender

Week of April 6, 2024

These classes specialize in core strength by utilizing the Bender Ball to protect the back and disengage the hip flexors known to be over utilized in many exercises. You will leave feeling strong, centered and balanced.

This class will leave you feeling as though you have just experienced a deep tissue massage through special movement techniques and stretching. This is the perfect unwind for ever-body who is looking for longevity, decrease stress and more.

Bender Ball Core
This specific class will leave you with new and creative ways to have a strong healthy core without ever doing one crunch ever! Experience how to protect you back and strengthen the core body for life!

Better Booty with the Bender Ball
This class will give you a new functional approach to having a strong back side. Experience how to train you hips and glutes like never before with a Bender Ball ™ and Gliders™ and theraband for guaranteed results.

Bender Ball Pilates
This progressive class takes classical exercises vertical for a functional approach to Pilates mat. You will leave feeling lengthened, strengthened and strong, as though you have just experienced a Pilates apparatus class.


Leslee Bender, 2020 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year, Author, International Speaker and presenter, has over 4 decades in the fitness and wellness industry. Leslee is the creator of The Bender Ball Method of Core Training which has been featured on national television and won awards. Leslee is the program educational director for Ageless Training Academy featuring a modality of longevity at any age to decrease pain, stress and lead a fulfilling ageless life. Leslee specializes in a functional approach to training that translates to life both one on one and small groups from professional athletes to anyone looking for exceptional results.

“The Ranch is the place where change happens both from within and out. Leave your past behind so you can experience your future.”