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Better Balance with Kymberly Williams-Evans

Week of February 10, 2024

Want to reduce your fall risk? Stave off memory decline? Walk more effectively and confidently? Learn some interesting aspects of your specific movement habits? This program is based on the latest science and is designed to improve your balance, cognitive function, and posture in these integrated, cutting edge, research-based, exercise sessions.Try some fun moves that stimulate your motor, cognitive, and sensory domains. Come one day or all as each session offers stand-alone activities. You’ll gain loads of functional tasks to do at home post-Ranch visit.If you have balance or brain health concerns or simply want to play, laugh, and learn targeted tasks to activate your brain and body all-in-one, join me every day or on a drop-in basis.


Kymberly Williams-Evans PhD (ABD) has taught fitness, dynamic balance and dance to more than 40,000 participants on 4 continents in 4 languages. Her teaching career spans land, sea, and airwaves and started in the first aerobics studio inEurope. Former faculty at University of California Santa Barbara in both the Dept of Exercise and Sports Studies and English, she specializes in baby boomer and older adult group exercise. Her newly released video program, “Better Balance, Fewer Falls, was inspired by her 40 years’ guest teaching at the Ranch.When not at Rancho la Puerta, you can find her in Santa Barbara where she leads classes and writes on fitness topics.

“I won’t be old until my feet hurt, and they only hurt when I don’t let ‘em dance enough, so I’ll keep right on dancing. – Bill “Bojangles” Robinson