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Breath Work with Shanti Tilling

Week of March 16, 2024

You can survive weeks without food, days without water, but only minutes without air!!  Breath is absolutely vital for our survival and while every functional breath you take can enhance your health and vitality, dysfunctional breathing can lead to low energy levels, decreased focus and even illness.

Think you know how to breathe? Join Shanti for an educational and interactive exploratory breathing class and learn powerful practices to take control of your physical and emotional states! 

Each performance breath class will combine ancient breathing practices with new age science for a unique experience that teaches participants how to consciously manage their energy and stress levels. You will learn specific and actionable breathing tools and techniques that both energize and promote deep relaxation.


Shanti Tilling is a leading personal trainer and fitness instructor, shaping the lives of clients around the globe. She has spent the last 26 years training both both indoors and outside, flying internationally with corporate clients, and 7 years as the onsite fitness instructor for 2 major film studios. As a holistic wellness coach specializing in true functional movement and corrective exercise, Shanti’s passion is inspiring people of all fitness abilities to be strong for what they love to do, and helping them create their own healthy, active lives.

Shanti is an outdoor fitness junkie and has cycled, ran, hiked, climbed, paddled, and surfed all over the world. Her love for adventurous travel combined with a passion for fitness led her to create Sweat Play Live fitness retreats in 2010. Shanti lives in Punta de Mita, Mexico and feels fortunate to spend time connecting with clients and retreat guests from around the world.