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Brilliantly Navigating Life’s Transitions

Week of May 18, 2024

Life is filled with powerful transitions, constant change, and growth. How to navigate them with flow and wisdom is the test for each person. Understanding the natural stages of transition and how to move through them with grace and clarity leads directly to a sense of empowerment, joy, and fulfillment. Behavioral research has revealed many of the tools for steering through these powerful periods of change. Learn clear practices to help you with the transitions and the changes happening in your life.

Dr. David Surrenda will offer four classes:

  1. Understanding the dynamics of transition – reviews what we have learned about how to successfully make a transition.
  2. Letting go with grace – provides exercises and models for releasing those things that are really now part of one’s past and not part of one’s future.
  3. Navigating the space between – identifies the challenges and processes for navigating the unknow space between releasing the old and starting something new.
  4. Setting my new direction – practices and tools for successfully taking a new direction so that your life unfolds as you intend.


David SurrendaDavid Surrenda, Ph.D.,  is a pioneer in the study of human consciousness. As founder and Dean for the Graduate School of Consciousness Studies at John F. Kennedy, the first accredited graduate school of its kind, he developed nine separate Master’s programs as well as spearheaded the development of research and counseling centers. These programs have graduated over 10,000 students and were the forerunner to the current efforts in Integrative Health. As the CEO of the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, the largest retreat center in the US, he led the development of their innovative blended learning programs to reach a global audience. He is the co-author of four books.