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Bring Bliss Home | Bea Pila

Week of September 14, 2019

Design Enlightenment Method: Your Guide to Living Freely at Home.
Our lives are as unique as our fingerprints. There are no two alike and each is so distinctly our own that it is capable of carrying our identity with just a single touch. Our homes can and should be just as distinct– an expression and reflection of our personalities, an invigorating sanctuary that welcomes us just as we are. As an interior and furniture designer by trade and spiritual healer at heart, I’ve created Sacred Spaces for Inspired Living as a guide to Design Enlightenment. This pioneering movement and method grants us the freedom to tap into our hearts and souls as our guide- free of past conditions, free of labels and free of outside influences.


Making the Connection Between DESIGN & DESIRE.
The Discovery Questionnaire will spark awareness in you that goes beyond the questions of mere style. Deep dive into your authentic self through stimulating questions about your past conditioning regarding your home; tap into your inner child for design inspiration. Become aware of the “why” before selecting the “what” and achieve your personal roadmap to Design Enlightenment with the freedom to be yourself.


Permission Granted! Play in All of Your Rooms.
I’ve been known to say “the Living room is the least lived and the dining room is the least dined.” Let’s achieve “outside the room” thinking by breaking some old rules and outdated traditions of what our homes and spaces SHOULD be. Learn to be mindful about what works for you and your family with a fun, simple and interactive tool. Give yourself permission to PLAY in all of your rooms, to USE your spaces so that they serve you and support your unique lifestyle. 


Bring Bliss home TODAY!
The Ranch inspires us to make a difference in our world, and what a wonderful place to start this transformative journey within ourselves and within our own homes. These feelings of serenity, bliss and total alignment deserve to be brought home and shared…but how? In my last session I will give you five easy and impactful tips that can make your home feel sacred NOW.


After thirty years as an award winning interior designer, Bea Pila has evolved into an influential thought leader on a mission to bring authenticity, alignment, and SOUL to interiors. Through her many talents including drafting, space planning, designing furniture, as well as her hobbies of dancing ballet and cooking for her large family, Bea has learned that it truly does not matter “what” we do, it’s “why” we do it, and she is eager to dedicate the rest of her lifetime inspiring others to ask “why,” to fearlessly follow their heart, and to nourish their soul with the answers within.

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