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Changing the Way We Travel, One Packed Bag at a Time

Week of August 19, 2023

A Lifetime of Luggage:

  • 10 Days Just Carry on — Yes You Can
  • Tips on How to Pick the Right Luggage and How to Pack it More Efficiently

Luggage expert Annslie Bigbee shares her packing tips and techniques to achieve lighter, easier, and smarter business and leisure travels.


The daughter of a diplomat and artist, Annslie Bigbee found her passion for suitcases and packing when she began traveling at the age of four. Packing efficiently and light has served her well, especially traveling in 3rd world countries, where travel can be cumbersome. Her global journeys include stops in Portugal, Nigeria, Morocco, Thailand, Uganda, and many other countries. She has tapped into her passion through volunteer efforts with the United States Peace Corps and Habitat for Humanity and her 13-year career running a specialty luggage store in California. Annslie is the Regional Manager of Pacific Sales for Briggs & Riley.