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Chi Running and Chi Walking

Week of November 2, 2019

About Chi Running®
Chi Running® takes the pain and pounding out of running in favor of more relaxed, highly efficient, less effortful, injury free running. It combines modern physics and biomechanics with the concepts  and principles of T’ai Chi, Yoga and Pilates to make running more enjoyable and less stressful on your body.

Chi Running® changes the sport of running, making it accessible and appealing to people who have stopped running due to injury, who are intimidated by the difficulty and potential danger, aches and pains of running, who want to have a competitive edge, and for those who seek a spiritual component in their fitness program.

You will be guided through many exercises designed to give you a clear sense of what the Chi Running® technique feels like in your body. We will not be doing lots of running (contrary to what you might imagine) so no matter what condition you’re in, have no fear.

Finish your runs and races with a smile, instead of a limp 🙂


About Chi Walking®
Whether you are a fitness walker already or just beginning an exercise routine, want to manage or release weight, are rehabilitating after illness or injury, or have signed up for a walking event and want support, Chi Walking will help you reach your personal goals, including looking and feeling better than ever.

The Chi Walking technique emphasizes the proper biomechanics of walking including: good  posture, loose joints, engaging one’s core muscles, and relaxing the peripheral muscles of the arms and legs. This approach makes walking easier on the body and helps improve and eliminate the aches, pains and discomfort of walking incorrectly. Since walking is such a basic, every day movement, when your walking form is improved, the benefits are far reaching.

Chi Walking has within it the deep philosophical and psychological attributes of the centuries-old practice of T’ai Chi, which presents the opportunity for spiritual exploration and the integration of body, mind and spirit. Chi Walking takes the benefits of walking beyond cardiovascular, aerobic and mental health, by addressing the needs of your whole person; joints and muscles, body and soul.

Chi Walking will transform your walking into a mindful practice and complete fitness program.


Chris Griffin, a Master Chi Running®/Chi Walking® Instructor since 2004, was personally trained and mentored by Danny Dreyer,  the founder of these two revolutionary techniques.

A runner for over 25 years, Griffin experienced all of running’s challenges, injuries, pain and exhaustive physical effort. But, after coming across Chi Running®/Chi Walking®, his experience of movement was forever changed.  Running and walking went from result focused fitness sports to a mindful process oriented practices. The irony is, he has since finished in the top of his age group in multiple 5K, 10K, Dipsea Races and marathons (including running the Boston marathon twice)….all with less effort, injury free and more enjoyment.

He now runs and walks with greater ease, less effort, no injuries, better results, faster times, no need for recovery and has reconnected to the reason he likes to be active in the first place…for the sheer joy of it.

That same joy Chris sees on his clients’ faces, as he teaches them these techniques, is the reason he loves coaching it. Chi Running®/Chi Walking® was literally life changing for him and he relishes in sharing it with others.  These techniques not only have shown Chris how to run/walk more smoothly, efficiently and without injury, they have shown him how to live a more holistic, balanced, mindful, focused and fulfilling life.

Chris lives in Marin County, California and travels throughout the United States and internationally certifying the next generation of instructors.  He has been invited to teach in venues such as on The Discovery Health Channel,, the Esalen Institute, the LUNA Clif Bar Summit and as a Lululemon Ambassador, as well as to groups such as Leukemia Society’s Team In Training, Triathlon clubs, The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), and private clients. He also taught and helped develop two scientific studies done by the University of California San Francisco Osher Integrative Medicine Department, using the Chi Walking and Chi Running techniques.