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Choose Love! The Inner Fitness Program, with Emily Boorstein

Week of October 8, 2022

The Inner Fitness program is designed for accelerated transformation and awakening from the “Inside-Out”.  It is a comprehensive and practical program for people seeking to heal old wounds, navigate life with greater ease, learn to feel and communicate effectively, improve personal and professional relationships, cultivate inner peace, and manifest their uniquely authentic, fulfilling and joyous life.  And, Inner Fitness is fun!

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life!
Yes, it’s possible to change our mind! And by change, I mean transform. We have the most incredible power to choose the way we see, interpret and respond to our life’s circumstances. Imagine putting on a whole new lens that quiets our well worn harmful patterns of thoughts and behaviors and allows us to see and respond with clarity and wisdom.

Lesson 1 focuses on self-awareness and cultivating the skill to shift from living in the default paradigm of fear and scarcity to living from wisdom, truth and love.

Healthy Inner Dialogue
Do you ever wonder who’s doing all that chatting in our minds, and even more importantly, which voice we put in the drivers seat of our lives?  We are multi-dimensional beings with multiple voices expressing their opinions and directing our actions.  Sometimes it’s our wounded child or adolescent trying to express their hurt and anger, or our critical parent wagging its finger in judgement and shame.

Lesson 2 focuses on recognizing the various voices within and cultivating the voice of the Nurturing Parent who helps us navigate and respond to our inner world of thoughts and feelings and shows us how to live from our wise adult self so we can best respond to the challenges and circumstances of our life.

Emotions! How To Feel Fully and Communicate Wisely
Having access to our full range of emotions, and cultivating the skill to feel them instead of stuffing or bypassing them, is vital to living our most authentic, powerful and satisfying life.  When we know how to feel our emotions, and have the skills to express and communicate them responsibly, we feel more grounded, whole and connected to ourselves and others!

Lesson 3 focuses on understanding the world of emotions and the important role they play in almost every aspect of our life.  Come learn how to feel, navigate and honor your emotions with your greatest wisdom and highest intention.  You will feel better!

How We Grow and Learn
Have you ever noticed that we often play the same ‘victim’ story in our mind over and over again, and that we keep reacting to our life from that story, often in repetitive negative behaviors?  We get stuck in false emotions like blame, guilt and resentment; feeling powerless to make positive changes?

Lesson 4 focuses on recognizing our own patterns of thoughts and behaviors that hold us back from realizing our greatest sense of self and achieving our dreams.  Radical responsibility means seeing ourselves clearly, our strengths and our weaknesses, and taking full ownership of the impact we have on ourselves and others, both positive and negative. It’s our ticket to more freedom and joy!

Create and Manifest Your Best Life
We are always creating and manifesting our life, whether consciously or unconsciously!  Our life is a reflection of our inner world of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, attitudes, choices and decisions!  These are our raw materials that make up our life story and circumstances.

Lesson 5 focuses on re-aligning our raw materials to reflect our most authentic, powerful, and loving version of ourself to consciously create and manifest our deepest desires and sweetest life. Nothing changes until you do!

Remember, you are miraculous! 

And may all your dreams come true.




Emily Boorstein‘s passion and joy is to engage people in the process of self-discovery and inspired living!  Her life purpose is to live her most authentic wholehearted life and to be a guide for those who also want to live a more mindful, joyful, less stressed, more peaceful, purposeful, satisfying, well navigated and fulfilling life.

Emily is the founder of The Inner Fitness™ Program and is a monthly presenter and Life Coach at Rancho La Puerta Health and Fitness Resort in Tecate, Mexico.  A Certified Life Coach since 2001, Emily maintains a private practice with clients and students from around the world.

“Inside each and every one of us lies the potential to create and manifest our uniquely personal Great Life Story.”  Emily Boorstein

Emily Boorstein Wikman, Founder, Inner Fitness™
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, CPCC
Lucid Living Master Coach, LLMC