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City of Covid: New York During Quarantine

Week of October 17, 2020

City of Covid: New York During Quarantine
City of Covid is a short documentary of the amazing emptiness and grim stillness that defined the streets of New York during quarantine when the city was the epicenter of the virus.  Traveling on bicycle, photographer John Rosenmiller captured moments that will never be repeated: Times Square empty at midnite, doctors and nurses outside overcrowded emergency rooms, homeless encampments by shuttered luxury stores, and gritty New Yorkers braving the unknown during this historic time.  Experience the sights and sounds of “the city that never sleeps” when the streets of New York were like a lost civilization.

Wandering In Cuba
Since 2015, John Rosenmiller has travelled throughout the island meeting and photographing Cubans in all aspects of life….at home and school, harvesting tobacco and cutting sugar cane, in church or Santeria ceremonies, at barber shops and beauty salons, at remote cockfights, boxing matches and rodeos, and performing in dance, theatre, mime and drag shows.  His photos capture Cuban life in barrios and rural areas often unseen by most foreigners.


John Rosenmiller is a native New Yorker who has photographed extensively in Cuba.  His Covid photograph of Spike Lee bicycling in NYC garnered a widespread Instagram following and was featured by Anderson Cooper on CNN.  Other photos can be seen on Instagram @facesofcovidnyc as well as @quentin.quarantino.