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Week of May 11, 2019

Sunday Concert– HeartStrings:  A Serenade for Mothers

Thursday Concert – A Musical Journey around the World—Performed on Classical, Jazz, and Flamenco Guitar


Stevan Pasero is recognized worldwide as a prolific contributor to the guitar repertoire over the past three decades. He has transcribed numerous symphonic works, and his 40 original album recordings have sold over 15 million copies. Billboard Magazine states that his music is: “Fantastic and unprecedented,” and KKHI in San Francisco says his works are: “Some of the greatest guitar music of all time.” Mr. Pasero is noted for his creative arranging and orchestration style as well as in-depth transcription and improvisatory skills. He is one of a few guitarists to record in several music idioms successfully, bridging both classical, jazz, and world markets. All Music Guide cites, “With classical guitar, the standard is generally Segovia and perhaps John Williams, but Pasero keeps up with the greats!” And even Oprah Winfrey is a fan: “Close your eyes, lean back, and enjoy”!   In addition to his own projects, Mr. Pasero is in high demand as a producer and has recorded over 1000 albums for various artists worldwide including 20 albums for the National Geographic Society. Mr. Pasero has founded multiple music and publishing companies including a global digital music distributor, record label, publishing house, and a recording studio. Music critic Richard Pontzious (San Francisco Chronicle) asserts, “Tastefully done, stylishly played; there are so many complimentary things to say!”