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Creating a Purpose-Driven + Liberated Life

Week of September 23, 2023

Every one of us craves meaning, joy, connection and freedom. More than ever. So how can we feel liberated and stay focused when our day to day is full of uncertainty?

We step fully into our power and confidence. We let go of limiting beliefs and behaviors that limit us from realizing joy and ease. We claim our authenticity and own our superpowers. We get crystal clear on our life purpose. We learn to have honest conversations and connect deeply with others.

If you are ready for more clarity, confidence and joy, join me to create a purpose-driven + freedom-filled life! In just five days at the Ranch, you’ll feel more empowered and inspired to live your life on your terms.

Lesson #1 – The Art of Tricky Conversations
Perhaps you consider yourself a good communicator but when it comes to sharing difficult information, you’d rather run and hide. In Lesson #1, we’ll discuss the art of intentional communication and a proven framework for tricky conversations. You’ll get to try out what you learn and receive a mini-coaching session!

Lesson #2 – Power + Confidence
We are all born with power, yet many of us are conflicted with it. In Lesson #2, you will learn ways we give our power away and strategies to get it back. You’ll also learn how to bust out of limiting beliefs so you can fully embrace your own innate power and brilliance.

Lesson #3 – Mental Traps that Hijack Joy + Ease
Many high performers are hard on themselves. In Lesson #3, we will discuss impostor syndrome, perfectionism, and procrastination and ways to overcome these traps so you feel more joy and ease in your day to day. Who doesn’t want that?

Lesson #4 – Creating Your Authentic Brand
This will be a fun dive into who you are and what sets you apart from others. In Lesson #4, you will connect with your natural strengths, skills, values, and passions You’ll also claim your superpowers! At the end of the process, you will feel comfortable in your own skin and on fire!

Lesson #5 – Finding Your Purpose
Purpose is a hot topic these days. In Lesson #5, I’ll take you through a simple process to uncover yours. We are all born with a purpose, think of it as your raison d’etre, a deeper desire to serve or contribute. Since we all have one, it’s our job to recognize it, own it, and claim it!


Amy Matthews is an executive coach, leadership consultant and career advisor. Her expertise lies in empowering high performing individuals, leaders and teams to reach their highest potential of success. Amy offers career transition workshops and two signature leadership programs including Leadership Skills for Rising Stars and Authenticity, Purpose + Impact. She has an uncanny ability to cut through the noise and guides people to find their authentic style of leadership, communicate with confidence and conviction and stay focused in the new normal.

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