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Week of April 17, 2021

Nutritional Resilience and Performance: Emerging Science Gaining Traction
Our food choices also impact anxiety levels and stress, both of which can impair the inner shield of our resilience. Saliva is really the first defense to elevate our level of digestion, immune strength and overall resilience. Learn some of the silent and hidden foods that damage our resilience and alter our saliva production. Discover the importance that saliva is for recovering from illness and bringing about homeostasis.  Learn tips and tools for helping you detect if you have a saliva output that is beneficial to you and how to correct if it is not optimal.  Have an opportunity to be on the cutting edge of what emerging research is saying for its impact with immune system and digestion.

Unlocking the Keys to EAT this WAY and FEEL That! Part I & II
We know nutrition and what we eat can affect us greatly. However many of us haven’t made a good awareness link to Eat THIS, Feel THAT and Perform like THIS. Can you eat for better sleep? Can you choose foods to maximize your energy midafternoon and minimize the fatigue dip? How about eat to calm nerves, alleviate jet lag and even build immune system resilience. In two sessions, explore all the links of great high performance eating to create the state you want for your day. Forty percentof the way you FEEL right now is due to your last meal. What IF we could think ahead  —  what do you have to do in the next two hours — you could design your eating!!


Patti T. Milligan, PhD, RD, CNS, has been in the nutrition field for 38 years. Having just completed her doctorate in Neuroscience of Taste and her thesis on saliva and its impact on jet lag and kids’ taste buds, she is a popular presenter to kids and adults alike.  Working in both the clinical therapeutic nutrition and integrative medicine/natural foods fields, she brings a unique blend of clinical, educational, holistic, consumer, and PR experience. She has conducted nutritional research with US national athletes, as well as created and taught corporate wellness programs throughout the US and Europe. She has authored hundreds of articles and has appeared on numerous national TV news segments. She consults with high level executives and C level leadership on human resilience, performance brain nutrition and regenerative nutrition protocols.