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Design Your Brightest Life

Week of February 8, 2020

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”  –Howard Thurman

Many unwittingly find themselves living lives that fit into someone else’s idea of success. Pressure from parents, peers, society can drown out your inner voice that steers you on the right path.  There comes a time when we can summon the courage to listen to our real truth and design our brightest life.

Each session is a stand-alone and also builds on the previous session.  Each session will include the healing magic of forest bathing.

Session One:
Your Authentic Self

  • Tune into the truth of who you are
  • Social self vs Brightest Self
  • Finding your bright path
  • Your superpowers

Session Two:
What gets in your way?

  • What is your pattern?
  • The neuroscience of stories
  • How you hold your story
  • Creating a new story to brighten your life

Session Three:
Designing Your Brightest Life

  • Design YOUR life
  • Your body compass
  • Using the 3 B’s of life design
  • Practical tips and rituals for your brightest life
  • Feelings vs practices

Session Four:
Manifesting your Brightness

  • Dreaming bright
  • Attention, intention and presence
  • Bright mindset practices

Session Five:
Cultivating awe for a Brighter Life

  • The emotion of awe
  • The awe not the flaw
  • Backyard awe practice
  • Celebrating your “awethenticity”


Candra Canning
CEO, Live Bright Now
Founder of the School of ADVENTURE + AWE 

Candra is a certified leadership, adventure coach and master facilitator. 

She works with executives, leaders and high performing teams from the summit ridge, to the boardroom as an organizational development consultant and leadership coach.  She leads retreats, speaks nationally and has a true passion for helping clients design their brightest lives.

Candra will take your hand and share the journey to a more rich and rewarding life. She teaches how to begin from the inside out and bring out your best and brightest.

Candra tells stories from her international adventure travels, ambitious RV exploits and daring outdoor pursuits to reflect life and leadership lessons in the classroom, boardroom and retreat centers nationwide. She is a 2017 TEDx speaker on AWE.