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Developing Relational Resilience in Times of Conflict

Week of November 4, 2023

Bringing Enemies to the Table
Whether its conflict between nations, or conflict within families or between partners, it is immensely challenging to find ways to move beyond conflict towards greater understanding and an appreciation of difference. However, it is not impossible, and hope can be found even in the midst of the deepest of divides.

Deb will discuss her work with Artsbridge, an organization that she founded in 2008, to work with communities in conflict. Her unique approach encourages participants to think critically and creatively, and to appreciate the value of difference. Videos and images will be shared of the work created by Israeli and Palestinian students as they learn how to communicate constructively and work together through the arts while attending the Artsbridge development program.

Utilizing Creativity with Families in Conflict
How can couples and families overcome deep divides that develop in their relationships over time? How can creative approaches impact that process? This will be a fun and interactive session with hands-on exercises.

Beyond Stalemate
How do we hold on to our beliefs while making room for other perspectives? As the political and social aspects of the world in which we live become more polarized, how do we learn to tolerate difference and listen to viewpoints that differ dramatically from our own? How do we work together and learn to value difference?

From Conflict to Curiosity
What are the various ways we can utilize to overcome conflict? How do we remain curious in the face of opposition? Can we learn to appreciate the challenge of conflict, and turn it to our advantage? These questions and others will be explored in this session.

Deborah Nathan, PhD, LMHC, ATR, is a psychotherapist specializing in art therapy, conflict mitigation and trauma. In 2008, Deb founded Artsbridge, Inc. – an organization that utilizes a unique methodology to bring together teens from communities in conflict. Artsbridge has primarily focused on Israelis and Palestinians, while lately expanding its work to the United States and other regions of the world.

In addition to Artsbridge, Deb has a private practice outside of Boston, Massachusetts,  where she works with families, couples and individuals. Additionally, Deb teaches in the Counseling and Expressive Therapies Graduate Program at Lesley University.

Deb holds a PhD in Behavioral, Management and Social Sciences from the University of Twente in the Netherlands, and a Master’s Degree in Expressive Therapies from Lesley University. She has presented and conducted workshops internationally on topics such as the use of arts in areas of conflict, how trauma impacts relationships, developing relational resilience, and how to engage constructively in the midst of conflict.