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Developing Your Posture for Growth

Week of February 10, 2024

Are you at a crossroads, contemplating the next chapter of your life, or simply seeking to enrich your life journey with purpose and joy? This workshop helps you develop the art of personal transformation and tap the source of enduring well-being. Discover how ancient teachings and modern science converge to illuminate the path of lifelong learning and adaptability. Engage in reflection and reframing exercises, thought-provoking discussions, and practical growth hacks to spark curiosity, creativity, and connection in your life!  You can attend all of the sessions for a complete guide to sustainable lifetime learning or attend any single session for a self-contained sample of insights and actions you can take to support your personal growth.

The Foundations of a Personal Growth Posture
In this session, you’ll expand your understanding of adult maturity and longevity with a tour of modern adult development frameworks that are anchored with insights from ancient religions. Assess if you are both ready and able. Explore how adopting a posture of insatiable curiosity, a desire for excellence, and an appetite for experimentation puts you in the best position to navigate the path of personal growth.

Radical Self Awareness is Fuel for Growth
When you embrace the power of deep self-knowledge you can break out of common patterns in roles and relationships that hold you back. This session offers introspective exercises based on Transactional Analysis and the Drama Triangle and helps you uncover and understand various aspects of your personality. Success in any journey depends on a sound understanding of where you are in the first place, but due to many psycho-social dynamics, this is a surprisingly difficult location to establish.

Update Your Story and Clarify Your Vision
Self-talk and historical events have a strong grip on our ability to engage and act in almost any life situation. Here we will focus on personal storytelling, core values, and priorities. Drawing from the principles of several leading psychology frameworks we’ll explore the idea of competing commitments and the interaction of your three selves. The activities in this session provide a transformative step toward living a life of purpose, intention, and fulfillment.

Accelerate Your Evolution
This session offers “growth hacks” to spark your growth and move you forward. We’ll experiment with practical and powerful exercises from resilience training, cognitive behavioral approaches, and habit design to give you a toolkit of quick, effective strategies to overcome obstacles, embrace challenges, and make significant strides in your personal growth.

Regenerative Practices for Sustainable Growth
Nurturing long-term well-being and growth is not a one-time treatment. It’s about cultivating practices that ensure ongoing development that expands your heart, mind, and soul to encounter the full potential of humankind. Learn how to establish routines and practices that nourish and renew you, physically, mentally, and emotionally… in concert as a whole person.


John Foster is a leadership coach and organization designer who helps people and organizations perform at their best. He has served many of the world’s most innovative companies helping them through transformation and scaling challenges. He’s held Chief People Officer roles at IDEO, Hulu, Thrive Market, and TrueCar and significant HR leadership roles at Fidelity Investments, Levi Strauss, and Citibank, John founded Gamut HCD (Human Centered Design) as a platform to advise companies and build tools that help people learn and grow. He maintains a variety of relationships from short-term projects to long-term advisory and full-time leadership roles. He has deep expertise in psychology, organization behavior, leadership, and communication; and has spent thousands of hours facilitating workshops and coaching leaders.  John started his career leading outdoor education and team-building programs for schools and community organizations and earned a Master’s degree in experiential learning from Colorado State University and a dual BA in Psychology and Communication from Miami University. He lives in California with his wife and four children and enjoys travel, playing guitar, and adventure sports.