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Discovering Ourselves through Acts of Creation: The Healing Tools of Journaling

Week of March 9, 2019

Research indicates that people who journal experience significant physical and psychological benefits: improved immune functions, reduced stress, heightened cognitive skills, while at the same time enhancing their memory, self-esteem, and creativity.  Learn what journaling is, why it is so valuable and easily accessible, and how it can be used to strengthen the relationship between your body, mind, and spirit.  A regular journaling practice can encourage you to capitalize on life’s opportunities and support you in navigating its detours, obstacles, and challenges, so, why not start today?    

Four Journal Writing workshops:

Unleashing Creativity-Whether you’re an artist or have minimal experience tapping into your creative voice, learn fun, easy creative techniques for mining those aha moments.   

Left/Right Brain – Expressing yourself from different sides of the brain can  help to reframe reality and offer different perspectives on life.

Dialoguing – Experience how dialoguing with yourself and others is a great tool for managing and exploring relationships.

Life As Your Palette   Experience how nature, personal items, and even random stimuli and objects can all be springboards for journaling ideas.    


Andrea Peck is a facilitator, trainer, coach, and former Assistant Professor of Communications who develops and facilitates programs that encourage and support individuals and groups to achieve personal and professional satisfaction and success.  Her topics include journaling, storytelling, professional image enhancement, navigating conflict, presentation skills, and more.   She has presented to audiences in health care, nonprofit, professional services, and higher education.  Andrea is a certified facilitator in Myers Briggs and Emotional Intelligence and is completing her coaching certification through the College of Executive Coaching.   She is the author of Journaling: Discovering Ourselves through Acts of Creation and a tips booklet: Professional Image Enhancement: 49 Tips for Achieving Job Satisfaction and Success.  In addition, she blogs on topics related to personal and professional communication effectiveness.