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Drop the Struggle and Trust Your Life

Week of May 4, 2019

It’s useful to have plans, intentions, and dreams. But deeper than all of your plans, intentions, and dreams – beyond all your hopes and fears – the life you have has its own momentum, intelligence, and timing. Rather than assuming that we create our life, this class assumes that our life unfolds and creates us. Our task is to listen and look for the signs of that unfolding, and to follow it wherever it takes us. Our joy is in trusting the inherent rightness of our life as we know it now. Using writing prompts and the wisdom of the group, this course will help you to deepen your trust in your own life and in life in its larger picture.  Four sessions:

Dropping the Struggle to be Special
Dropping the Struggle for the Perfect life
Dropping the Struggle for Love
Dropping the Struggle for Meaning


Roger Housden is the author of twenty-three books on poetry, art, and travel as pilgrimage. His work includes the best-selling Ten Poems to Change Your Life series. He uses writing as a teaching tool for personal exploration and reflection, and runs regular courses in the Bay Area. His work has been featured frequently in The New York TimesThe Los Angeles Times, and Oprah Magazine. His latest book, Dropping the Struggle: Seven Ways To Love the Life You Have was published by New World Library in September 2016.  His forthcoming book, Ten Poems to Remember in Difficult Times, will be published in November 2018. Full details of his courses and work are at www.rogerhousden.com