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Eat Well Live Strong

Week of August 7, 2021

Diet until you drop, or not! – Monday 1:00pm
Join Registered Dietitian nutritionist to Hollywood elite to take an honest look at the myths and madness of weight loss. Examine the downside of some popular diets and leave with the right food pattern for you to achieve and maintain good health and a healthy weight.

Saying no to the Big Three – Tuesday 1:00pm
Chronic disease statistics about diabetes, heart disease and cancer are staggering. Do we have to eat one way to reduce the risk for cancer and a different way to avoid heart disease? Come learn how one customizable nutrition pattern can reduce the risk for all three, promoting good health and wellbeing and keeping chronic disease at bay.

To supplement or not,  is that still the question? Wednesday 1:00pm
Supplement sales in the United States account for a $40 billion industry with more than 50,000 different products. Some wellness professionals say we should get all our nutrients from foods; others say that is virtually impossible. This lecture, from a no-nonsense, well credentialed nutrition professional will give you the good, the bad and the ugly on the topic and leave you with some science-based rules to apply to your own diet and supplement practice.

Fact from Fiction? – Thursday 1:00pm
Carrots have too much sugar. Blueberries are the miracle food. Butter is bad…no good…no bad…no! Gluten is unhealthy for everyone. Lectins cause autoimmune disease. And others! Come enjoy this up-to-the-minute lecture of mythologies around nutrition and learn how to tell fact from fiction in the delicious though often confusing world of food.


Dominique Adair, M.S., RD, CLS, is well known for her contribution to cardiovascular and cardiometabolic disease management as a part of clinical treatment teams and as a medical educator.  She holds a board certification in lipidology (Clinical Lipid Specialist) and brings to the conversation a sophisticated understanding of the identification, diagnosis, and interventions to treat cardiovascular and other metabolic diseases.  Additionally, Adair consults to the Hollywood elite as an A-List nutritionist and with collegiate and professional athletes and teams, specializing in evidenced-based performance nutrition without compromising optimal health.