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Eating Well and Feeling Great!

Week of April 6, 2024

Understanding Foods That Are Delicious AND Fantastic For Your Body.
Learn about the evidence-based world of Culinary Medicine and leave understanding how to optimize your health, starting with your next meal.

Grounding Yourself with Pillars of Wellness
Learn about the evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine principles and how to incorporate them into your day-to-day.

Top Anti-Inflammatory Foods
Understand broad strokes on what foods can help decrease inflammation and why.

Optimizing Your Time in the Kitchen
Learn how to cook for your health in ways that are delicious, efficient and time-saving – no matter what your energy level is or your interest in cooking.


Sabrina A. Falquier (Fall-Key-Ay), MD, CCMS, DipABLM loves delicious food. She is a board certified Internal Medicine, Culinary Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine physician. She is bilingual (Spanish and English) and multicultural, born and raised in Mexico City to Swiss and American parents. Dr. Falquier worked as a primary care doctor for over 15 years and in 2020 founded Sensations Salud, which focuses on empowering through nutritional knowledge and culinary literacy by way of Culinary Medicine education and consulting. Dr. Falquier promotes Culinary Medicine throughout San Diego and internationally for incredibly varied audiences. She is the proud host of the Culinary Medicine Recipe podcast, which includes educational video episodes in both English and Spanish. She serves on the board of two non-profits and is a clinical professor at three universities. Her work can be seen through the powerful documentary: The Kitchenistas. Additionally, she has won numerous awards and has been interviewed regarding food and health by multiple media outlets. Follow along @SensationsSalud on social media.