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Enjoy Painting, Reflecting and Letting Your Creative Impulses Flow

Week of July 13, 2019

It seems everyone loves gardens and now we know some of the reasons why. Besides beauty and inspiration, gardens provide a peaceful place to relax and revive our senses. Studies show walking barefoot on the grass or wandering through the woods can relieve stress and aid circulation!

This four-day workshop will acquaint you with how to go about translating your personal garden experience into a work of art. There are a variety of ways to approach the subject and our goal will be to explore and have fun. We will cover how to get started – choosing your subject and composition. Observations we will discuss include where the light is coming from and the contrast of light and shadow areas. Do you want your painting to be loose or detailed? Do you want to paint a flower or the whole garden? Everything and anything is possible.  Jan will help get you started and even provide some drawings of flowers inspired by her last visit to Rancho La Puerta. Watercolor pencils, professional felt tip pens, watercolors and a variety of other materials will be provided. We will have lots of time to play with the materials and to just observe and contemplate the beauty of Rancho La Puerta’s gardens.


Jan Buscho is a California artist whose favorite subjects for her paintings include the picturesque landscape of Marin and gardens, including her own. Her husband has a passion for plants and has been working at cultivating their property for many years resulting in a beautiful space with abundant color and variety of plants and trees. Flowers, herbs, and trees are always available for inspiration, right out her studio window. Seeking to know more about painting gardens, Jan has studied the history of gardens in painting and learned about other artists’ passion for painting gardens. Jan worked for many years as a graphic designer where she became trained to recognize good layout and composition. She now works in oils and in pastels and is known for her use of light especially in her gardens scenes and paintings of flowers. An active member of the Marin arts community, Jan has participated for many years in Marin Open Studios. Her paintings adorn the walls of a growing group of art collectors both in the USA and abroad. She has exhibited extensively and has conducted workshops in oils and pastels, including some in her garden.