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Environmental Adventures

Week of July 27, 2019

Class 1: Goats, Chickens and Compost
Explore the animal life at Tres Estrellas that brings vitality to our farm ecosystem and invaluable health to our soil.
50 minutes Tuesday (8am- 8:50am)

Class 2: Organic Vegetable Cultivation
Work on the farm alongside Tres Estrellas Production Manager, Salvador, and Director of Education, Lindsey, and learn how the organic fruits and vegetables served at the Ranch are grown at Tres Estrellas.
1.5 hours Wednesday (8am- 9:30am)

Class 3: Harvesting and Using Medicinal Plants
Learn about various medicinal plants grown at Tres Estrellas and discover how to use them through tincturing, drying and tea making.
75 minutes Thursday (8am- 9:15am)


Lindsey Hethcote, originally from St. Louis, Missouri, currently works as the Director of Education at Tres Estrellas Organic Farm and Garden. She holds a BA in Environmental Science from the University of Denver and a Master’s in Sustainable Agriculture and Agroforestry from Centro Agronómico Tropical de Investigación y Enseñanza (CATIE).  Lindsey has worked as the Production Manager on various organic farms throughout the US, as well as an Environmental and Sustainable Agriculture Educator. She is very passionate about Latin American culture and agricultural production, and has spent time living and working in Peru, Costa Rica and Mexico.