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Evolutionary Yoga

Week of June 26, 2021

Evolutionary yoga is “yoga for life”, a practice to help us all age youthfully and safely with a goal of “wearing out slower”. We believe strength in aligned movement is the best anti-aging, and is the basis for flexibility and mobility.  We have found after over thirty-five years of teaching and practice, that doing classical yoga poses in a repetitive way can get in the way of change or at least lead to status quo. Evolutionary yoga can benefit your current yoga practice or jumpstart you into one. It deconstructs familiar asana, integrating a variety of mechanics and moves so your focus can be more attuned to your weaker areas and habit patterns—what works and what could use a little improvement. In our retreats, classes and workshops we use a variety of tools including balls, foam rollers, bands, poles, massagers, anything that can help increase muscular engagement, stimulate circulation, release and mobilize connective tissue.  This week we want to help you continue to search for what keeps you healthy, strong, athletic and lovingly present. Students of all levels of ability and yoga experience are welcome and honored for your unique differences, limitations, ages and talents. We won’t be offering “flow yoga”, but we think these practices will help you take home more skillful and dynamic means of practicing flow or any favorite style of yoga.  


Jenni and Paul have practiced, studied and taught yoga, movement and meditation going on three decades together. They are long-time favorites at the Ranch, former full-time staff and popular guest presenters. Paul helped created the Ranch’s first Back Care program, and Jenni, along with Phyllis Pilgrim, helped first develop the Ranch Yoga program in the eighties and for many years taught our Inner Journey program. Their down to earth and open-hearted style is playfully serious with a background of Astanga, certifications in Iyengar and Anusara yoga, and longtime practitioners of Buddhist meditation. Paul had four professional careers before turning fully to yoga, and holds degrees in economics and fitness training. In addition to mixed yoga programs, he has taught classes specifically for men for over twenty years. Jenni also offers personal sessions in Hakomi, a form of mindfulness-centered somatic psychotherapy, and is an artist whose passions are sculpture and mixed media. They own NamaStay™ Yoga in Santa Cruz and lead NamaStay™ Adventures & Retreats worldwide to Southern Baja in Mexico and Tuscany, Italy. Their blogs are available on www.namastay.net.