Family Week- Food Lab - Rancho La Puerta
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Family Week- Food Lab

Week of July 27, 2019

7 to 9 years old:
Food Lab: NO BAKE Yummy Energy Bites-great snack for summer and on-the go nutritional snack
Make High Energy/Protein Snacks-no bake and easy to assemble. Make the easy recipe and take these bites with you. Featuring: Creamy Peanut Butter Choc Chip and Zesty Lemon-Dried Cherry Bites

10 to 12 years old:
Mystery Sensory Exploration: Bring your senses and participate in a mystery experiment to discover interesting ways we taste the flavors in foods. We eat with our eyes, taste buds, smell/nose and even our ears/sounds. Come and find out how well your senses work for you.

13 to 18 years old / Teens and Adults
What kind of taster are you? Come find out and understand what type of taste buds you have and how they influence how you eat and choose your food. Crack the code to figure out how to use your taste buds to be a healthier eater and get more energy out of your food.


Patti T. Milligan, PhD, RD, CNS, has been in the nutrition field for 35 years. She just completed her doctorate in Neuroscience of Taste, and her thesis on saliva and its impact on jet lag and kids’ taste buds makes her popular presenter to kids and adults alike. Working in both the clinical therapeutic nutrition and integrative medicine/natural foods fields, she brings a unique blend of clinical, educational, holistic, consumer, and PR experience. She has been involved in the development of an innovative healthy foods restaurant in Southern California, instrumental in Sprouts Farmers Market community nutrition outreach partnerships and developed functional nutritional protocols. She has conducted nutritional research with US national athletes, as well as created and taught corporate wellness programs throughout the US and Europe. She has authored hundreds of articles and has appeared on numerous national TV news segments covering an array of food and nutritional topics and their impact on sustainable high performance and quality living. She currently consults with TIGNUM ( and Bio-Botanica.  She combines years of experience with organic and natural grocery stores along with her passion for kids’ nutrition and environmental sustainability in her work with The Children’s Eternal Rainforest. She and her son have created a foundation “Be Memorable” in which they run programs that inspire and impact individual lives in space of kids’ nutrition (school gardens and kids’ cancer).