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Feldenkrais Week

Week of February 16, 2019

Keys to Greater Ease, Precision, and Power in Everyday Movements.

When we watch someone moving gracefully, what do we recognize? Their movement appears effortless, connected, pleasurable. Would you like to move more like that? Each of us has the body/brain intelligence to improve the way we move. The desire to improve and the curiosity to learn how, is all that’s needed. In these daily classes, Louise will guide you through movement sequences that will help decrease your effort, decreasing unnecessary strain on your muscles, ligaments, and joints. Louise adjusts her class content to suit participants, encouraging everyone to work at their own pace. So, whether you play a sport, run, swim, hike, garden, sing or dance, try a class, and experience the immediate benefits.


Louise Chegwidden

Louise Chegwidden, PT, GCFP, was born in South Africa, grew up in Australia, and now plants her garden in Oakland, California. She has been studying and teaching movement for over 38 years as a Physical Therapist and Feldenkrais Teacher®. Louise has helped professional and youth sports teams reduce injuries and improve performance, worked as part of a home health team providing care for people of all ages and backgrounds, and currently teaches weekly Feldenkrais classes, and sees clients in her private practice. Louise is the author of ‘Granny Gets a New Knee and a whole lot more,’ a heartwarming story and practical guide to knee replacement surgery. www.LouiseChegwidden.com