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Week of January 25, 2020

Sit down with a professional Hollywood filmmaker. Learn something about directing, writing, and the industry that creates one of our country’s most valuable exports: media content.

The Filmmaker’s Journey
Let’s talk Film & TV. How does someone create a career in entertainment? What are the ladders to becoming a director, writer, or producer? How do you break in? How do you maintain a career?

Writing a SCREENPLAY scene
Maybe you’ve done some creative writing, written short stories or poems, perhaps memoir, or even a novel. But have you tried your hand at screenwriting? In this workshop you will create a 1 – 2 page scene. I will lead you from finding the idea, then formulating the whole concept, with characters, setting, and description, all written through a singular thematic lens. Screenwriting is a thing of beauty, and while you rarely see a screenplay, because the final form is realized in a visual medium, the writer’s “voice” should clearly articulate a unique world view.  If you have a lap top, bring it, if not, paper and pencil are fine.

The One-hour Television Drama
Watch scenes from episodes directed by Feldman and hear how a one hour show is prepped in 7 days and shot in 8. How actors are hired, what the crew members do. How do the director, writer, producer, cinematographer, and editor collaborate.


Rachel Feldman is a Hollywood based filmmaker who has directed more than 75 hours of movies and television. Feldman has worked with top actors, producers, and technical artists for over 30 years. As screenwriter, she has written (produced and optioned) movies and pilots for producers, stars, and networks. She recently directed THE ROOKIE, BLUE BLOODS, and CRIMINAL MINDS and will be directing a feature film based on the life of Fair Pay Activist Lilly Ledbetter. She has also taught directing and screenwriting at USC in their MFA program. You can currently see Feldman interviewed in the Geena Davis produced documentary about gender equity in Hollywood, “This Changes Everything.”