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The Franklin Method

Week of December 21, 2019

Feel and Move Better for LIfe!
Your week of classes with Tom will introduce you to the Franklin Method.The Franklin Method teaches the practical elements of body design, emphasizing imagery for maximum movement efficiency, exercises for tension release, alignment, conditioning and health. The best way to improve function is to start with an image that corresponds to how the body is designed. We will practice exercises to improve movement ability and alignment in each area of the body including what’s needed for a healthy spine, better balance and making gravity your friend. You will learn how to get desired results from any exercise that you do and enjoy movement. The Franklin Method is at the forefront of practical neuro-plasticity; showing you how to use your brain to improve your body’s function into a clear and practical format and it’s FUN!
Sat, Sun, M, T, W, Th, F, 2:00pm

Method: Youthful Spine
In this movement class we will use imagery and movement to support you in gaining the tools needed for a healthy spine for life. This class will emphasize imagery and experiential anatomy to help you understand you body better in a practical way. You’ll learn exercises for tension release, spinal and hip mobility, strength and balance.
T,Th, 10:00am


Tom McCook, founder and director of Center of Balance is a nationally recognized fitness and movement specialist. Tom has taught Pilates certification courses since 2000. Beginning his full time career in personal training in 1984, Tom designs programs for health and life performance for working professionals, people rehabilitating from injuries and world class athletes including Olympic Gold Medal swimmers Natalie Coughlin, Jenny Thompson and Misty Hyman. Teaching Pilates since 1995, Tom’s approach integrates a range of training disciplines including Yoga, Shiatsu, stretching, The Franklin Method and Pilates in order to broaden his effectiveness in designing programs for optimal health. In 2003, Tom produced “Yoga and Pilates for Balance” an exercise video that brings together the benefits of Pilates and Yoga.