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Franklin Method with Tom McCook

Week of November 2, 2024

The Franklin Method
Your week of classes with Tom will introduce you to the Franklin Method! This series of classes will emphasize imagery and experiential anatomy to help you understand your body better, move better and feel better! You’ll learn exercises for tension release, spinal and hip mobility, strength, and balance. Instead of concentrating on a specific style of exercise, the Franklin Method places the emphasis on how the body itself was designed to move.You’ll learn what’s needed for a healthy spine, shoulders & neck, aligned posture, healthy feet, better balance, flexibility, breath better and how to make gravity your friend. You will come away with an empowering understanding of your own body that’s inspiring and fun! This approach is designed to revolutionize the way you experience your body and give you amazing tools for life! Sun, M, T, W, Th, F, 2:00 pm



Tom McCook, Founder and Director of Center of Balance, a premier Pilates, Physical Therapy, education center in Mountain View, CA. for over 25 years. Tom is an internationally recognized Master Pilates Teacher, Franklin Method Educator and Certified Somatic Coach.

Tom’s mission is to improve people’s lives through movement and inspire healthy aging! He teaches an accessible, empowering way to understand and use your mind and body better! Tom lives on the coast outside of San Francisco with his wife and business partner, Karen deMoor.

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“Choice follows awareness and energy follows attention. The Ranch is the best place to expand our ability to make wise choices to live well”! – Tom McCook