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Friendship Matters

Week of March 9, 2024

Friendship Matters
We arrive on the planet hardwired for connection. We are meant to live in relationship with others. That’s why friendship matters.

Friendship is like a home for you heart, and like any house, it is best built using a good design, on a strong foundation, and with quality materials. Engage in an inspiring and insightful week of reflection, curiosity, and courage as we consider friendship. What it means, why it matters, and what else it might have to offer us in the days to come.

The Two of Us—A Friendship Roadtrip
Every friendship tells a story. This is ours.

 After almost a half a century of traveling through life together, we have accumulated priceless memories, fierce battle scars, and the deep wisdom that comes from staying the course, even as we got lost along the way.

While our lives are ultimately our own to live, whom we share them with matters. Come listen and reflect on your own friendship stories, what they mean to you, and why friendship matters.

Workshop #1: Making Friends with Yourself
It all starts within. The most important friendship we will ever cultivate is the one with ourselves. Becoming our own best friend equips us to be the best kind of friend to others. Come spend a little quality time with yourself and remember why you are a friend worth having.

Workshop #2: Making Friends with The Truth
If honesty is the best policy, there is no place where this is more true than in the realm of friendship. Come take stock of how friendships can enrich or deplete our lives. Do some friendships have longer shelf-lives than others? Join us in a safe space for some courageous thinking and reflection about your own friendships.

Workshop #3: Yours, Mine, and Ours: Sharing Life While Holding onto Yourself.
One of the indicators of a thriving friendship is knowing how to stay in close connection with another person while still maintaining our own sense of self. This workshop will be an opportunity for each of us to consider the following question: When it comes to friendship, what is mine, what is yours, and what is ours to share?


Molly Davis & Kristine Patterson are the founders of Matters That Matter®, a partnership providing keynotes, retreats, and workshops to inspire people to connect who they are with how they live. Their powerful message has been heard at national conventions, annual fundraisers, and spirituality and wellness retreats. They co-authored the internationally published book Letters to Our Daughters, which was highlighted on the Oprah Show. They have been best friends for almost 50 years.

Molly Davis is a writer, speaker, and coach. Author of the award winning BLUSH: Women & Wine, a book in which she explores why she often used wine as a classy looking way to cope with stress, dull pain, and avoid discomfort, and why others might do the same. And yes, she still loves good wine. The founder of Trailhead Coaching & Consulting, she helps people courageously step more fully into their own lives. 


Kristine Patterson is a potter, author, maker, and storyteller. A few years ago, she launched beanpole pottery in a quiet studio in her backyard. What started out as a hobby and way to process life, became a full-time business. She now ships her gorgeous, custom work all over the world. Each piece has a soul that, like ours, is perfect in its imperfection.