From the Farm to the Altar Dinner with Reyna Venegas - Rancho La Puerta
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From the Farm to the Altar Dinner with Reyna Venegas

Week of October 28, 2023

Farm to Altar (Pan de la Catrina) Dinner Sign Up
Thursday November 2nd,  5 PM at La Cocina que Canta

Join us for an enchanting culinary journey that celebrates Día de los Muertos at La Cocina que Canta, where Chefs Reyna Venegas and Paola Rendon will curate a vibrant tribute to Mexican tradition inspired in our bountiful 6-acre organic farm. Enjoy the opportunity to pay tribute to life and honor your loved ones in a culinary and cultural experience. Cost is $150 per person, tax and wine pairing included. The maximum number of guests is 30. Sign Up at the Appointments Desk or through the link above.


Executive Chef Reyna Venegas prepares fresh and delicious food that energizes, inspires, and nourishes guests. She fuses the culinary and cultural heritages of her own Northern Baja roots with the nutritious “spa cuisine” pioneered 80 years ago by Rancho La Puerta co-founder Deborah Szekely. At La Cocina Que Canta, “The Kitchen That Sings,” Chef Reyna teaches healthy eating as a celebration of life in farm-to-table cooking classes.

As a lifelong learner, Chef Reyna graduated from University of California, San Diego’s Integrative Nutrition program, which focuses on how food promotes wellness. She is also a graduate of the Culinary Art School in Tijuana, and holds a Pastry Degree from the Lycée Technique et Hôtelier de Monte-Carlo and Fondation Turquois.

She and her husband Chef Marcelo Hisaki own Restaurante Amores, a hidden culinary jewel in the heart of Baja and currently collaborates as manager of Team Mexico on their way to the Bocuse d’Or Americas 2024.


Chef Paola Rendon’s, culinary journey began amidst the heart of Baja California, the picturesque town of Tecate. From a young age, she embarked on her culinary journey learning from Chef Marcelo Hisaki at Amores. Her passion for the culinary arts led her to pursue a formal education at Culinary Art School Tijuana.

In 2018, Paola’s insatiable thirst for culinary knowledge propelled her to the bustling streets of New York City, where she honed her skills at acclaimed establishments such as Lamano and Sobre Masa. Here, she not only perfected her craft but also proudly showcased her Mexican culinary heritage to the world.

Now, in a heartwarming return to her roots, Paola has rejoined her hometown, embracing Rancho La Puerta’s Family. As the culinary leader of Cafecito Tres Estrellas, she orchestrates a farm-to-table symphony, artfully crafting seasonal delights using the bounty of our 6-acre organic farm.

Paola’s culinary ethos is a reflection of her genuine love for food – it’s homemade, fresh, and infused with a generous sprinkle of love. She beckons you to savor the flavors of her journey, where each dish is a testament to her dedication to the art of cooking.