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Funtensity with Jonathan Ross

Week of November 16, 2024

Funtensity: Lose Yourself in Play, Find Yourself in Fitness
When was the last time you had so much fun that you didn’t realize how hard you were working until you stopped?  Mix fun and fitness like you never thought possible.  Experience high-intensity interval exercises to bring you a challenge that you will lose yourself in. Smile, laugh, and sweat using brain science applied to fitness through reactivity, coordination, and friendly competition within a workout that will forever change how you feel about challenging fitness.

Brain Games Are Not Enough
Discover how to enhance desire for exercise making exercise and physical activity even better for brain health than “regular exercise.”  All exercise is good for brain health, but with some simple and fun tweaks to combine cognitive challenge with physical challenge, physical activity can enhance brain function now, brain health later, and aid in prevention and slow the progression of brain disease. Discover some simple methods you can use at home and even on walks around the ranch!

Complete Brain Fitness
The popularity of brain fitness is exploding. With physical fitness, an array of products and devices are creating the idea that you must test, target, and track every specific aspect of health and be afraid of your own body. The same misguided approach will likely happen with brain fitness in the future. Explore how to steer clear of expensive and unnecessary tests and assessments. By creating Complete Physical Fitness you automatically create Complete Brain Fitness. Discover the elements of complete physical fitness, see examples of them in action, get ideas for filling in the gaps, and get a handy template to share for ensuring you are getting a truly complete – brain and physical – fitness experience.


Jonathan Ross‘ “800 Pounds of Parents” directly inspired his prolific fitness career. He is a multi-Personal Trainer of the Year Award-Winner, creator of Funtensity™, brain fitness visionary, and creator of the Alzheimer’s and Brain Fitness Specialist Course which changes future brain health through fitness. A former astronomer, Jonathan used to study stellar bodies – now he builds them! Jonathan loves the experience at Rancho la Puerta as it is at once sublime and superlative because it helps you make your up time more “up” and down time more “down” to get the most benefit from each type of experience.