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Gong Immersion Sound Meditation

Week of December 5, 2020

Kenneth Goff is a Gong Whisperer and percussionist whose connection with sound opens the portal to our hearts. He holds an Associates Degree in Asian Body Work/Massage from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. His experiences as a Holistic Health Practitioner, meditation guide, yoga instructor and Reiki Master drew his intuitive being to the gongs. Ken’s work in multiple healing modalities broadened his understanding of how sound affects our mind, body and spirit inner journey.

Ken’s sound therapy offerings utilize gongs, singing bowls, chimes and other percussion instruments to create a safe and supportive space to focus the mind, relax the body and connect spirit to your personal intention for the event.

Ken has traveled the country with his gongs and has shared his sound offerings throughout the United States, including at Healing Touch’s Worldwide Conferences in Chicago, Charlotte and San Diego, as well as at the Won Buddhism Meditation Temple in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Locally, Ken has offered sound explorations at San Diego’s Festival of Yoga and Fermentation Festivals, the Japanese Friendship Garden, San Diego Art Institute, and several San Diego yoga studios. In 2018, Ken was selected by Metta Mindfulness Music to record his gongs for the Root Chakra Guided Meditation on the Voyage Through the Chakras CD set.

Ken’s immersions open a portal to connect those who journey with the gongs to the balancing/healing elements of the music of the spheres. Gong immersions can be meditative, clearing, releasing occasions. Ken will ask you to set a personal/private intention to manifest, balance, or to release something that does not serve your journey. Whether you are lying down, seated, or quietly moving with breath awareness as the sounds/vibrations of the gongs reach you, our energy will journey inward as our thoughts focus on the myriad sounds of the gongs. Our body will move into a restful, relaxing journey as our spirit-self happily comes to the forefront to share its magnificence, stillness and peace. Gong travelers experience a sense of release, renewal and rejuvenation.

Please dress in comfortable clothing. You are encouraged to create your own sacred space with crystals, prayer beads, a picture/item with special significance to you or a favorite blanket/pillow in your space.

Considering the beautiful and acoustically tuned space we’ll immerse in, Ken is beyond grateful to have the opportunity to open the portals to the music of the spheres with your being, intention and the incredible tribe we’ll create as a community of sound travelers at the ranch.

Ken is the owner of InXlation, his San Diego based company, through which he offers gong immersions, massage, energy work, and meditation services.