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Good and Good for You

Week of June 10, 2023

Real-life good and good-for-you tips for wellness and healthy eating.  

Virginia Willis is a James Beard award-winning cookbook author, French-trained chef, television personality, content creator, speaker, and social media influencer. A self-described “sturdy girl” since childhood, Virginia’s career of cooking, eating, and drinking plus work and relationship challenges created a high-risk lifestyle with inevitable mental and physical health problems. Stressed, depressed, and faced with the need to lose 65+ pounds she reached a point of desperation and set out to change it. Unwilling to give up taste and a firm belief that food can be good and good-for-you, flavor became a major part of her weight loss journey. Virginia successfully lost the weight without fad diets and has now kept it off for over two years. Virginia will share chef-secrets of her health journey, including her “Life Guardrails” approach to physical and mental health. “If a French-trained, Southern chef can do it, you can, too.” – Chef Virginia Willis