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Good Health Starts in the Home

Week of August 24, 2019

Discover Simple Lifestyle Changes That Can Help You Feel Less Stressed and Get Better Sleep
This presentation will energize and invigorate you as you learn how to transform your home into a safe haven. You’ll go on a journey of self-inquiry as you look at:

– What am I putting IN my body? How might the additives in my food and water throw me off balance?
– What am I putting ON my body? How are the chemicals in my deodorant, shampoo, and makeup impacting my health and well-being?
– What do I SURROUND myself within my home? How toxic are my scented candles, household cleaners, or mattress? How can I mitigate electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, laptops, WiFi, etc. that can impact my health?  You’ll get practical and convenient solutions that give dramatic results and learn how to make small lifestyle shifts that can have a dramatic impact on your health and well-being while freeing up tremendous energy and vitality.


Is Your Bedroom Toxic? Easy Ways to Get a Restful Night’s Sleep
Your bedroom should be a safe haven, but research shows that the bedroom may be one of the most toxic places in your home. From bedding to body lotion, this class will reveal the invisible toxins that lurk in bedrooms and suggest safe alternatives. Armed with this knowledge, the guests can have peace of mind and get a restful night’s sleep.


Mold: How to Identify, Prevent and Get Rid of It
We are learning a lot of new things about mold, its impact on our health and how we can detect, protect and treat mold exposure. Here are some of the latest things Beth will reveal about mold:
·       the surprising places we are finding mold in our homes and even in our food
·       how mold can affect our physical and mental health
·       how can you tell if you may have been exposed to mold
·       tips for reducing or preventing your exposure to it
·       and the best way to get treated for mold exposure


 Defy Aging: How to Look & Feel Radiant at Any Age
– How what goes IN you, ON you and SURROUNDS you can age you prematurely.
– The Fearful Five – 5 substances that will zap your energy and vitality, make you look old before your time, and could even make you sick.
– The cleanest makeup and personal care products to use.

Beth (67) will give you the inside scoop on how she looks and feels so youthful, and share her tips on what she eats and avoids, including the impact of sugar/alternative sweeteners, GMOs, and food additives. You’ll come away feeling energized and invigorated as you take steps to nourish your health to look and feel better than you have in years.


Beth Greer, the Super Natural Mom®, is a sustainable and toxin-free living expert, and award-winning journalist who eliminated a sizable tumor in her chest without drugs or surgery by detoxing her body and home. She’s author of the bestseller  “Super Natural Home,” endorsed by Deepak Chopra & Dr. Joseph Mercola, and named a Top 50 Health & Environmental Journalist to Follow. Beth offers personalized in-home detox audits to identify and eliminate toxins. Her work is endorsed by several doctors who recognize that toxin elimination equals better health. She offers Detox Your Home webinar courses, and Group Detox Cleanses.

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