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Great American Piano Music and a Night in Havana

Week of May 29, 2021

History of Great American Piano Music from Scott Joplin and George Gershwin to Billy Joel
If you love piano music then come out for a fun and exciting program of solo piano music from the last 150 years to the present. George Lopez has wowed audiences throughout New England and the world with his entertaining and easy performance style, where he brings each piece to life with a dynamic narrative that totally draws in the listener. Some piano favorites will include the great American ragtime composer Scott Joplin, the iconic George Gershwin and the classical stylings of none other than William Martin “Billy” Joel. Not to be missed!

A Night in Havana
Following a recent trip to Cuba, George Lopez passionately brings the wealth of Cuban music to his American audiences with “A Night in Havana!,” an evening of entertaining piano music inspired by the city considered to be the Vegas before there was a Vegas. With its lively and offbeat rhythms and sweet melodies, Lopez will perform works by the greatest Cuban art composers from past to present. Ending the evening will be Malagueña by the great Ernesto Lecuona, known as “…the Gershwin of Havana.”


George Lopez, the Beckwith Artist-in-Residence at Bowdoin College, has been a dynamic performer and educator for over 25 years. He is known on several continents for his performance of the standard repertoire as well as being a champion of newly-written works. He recently premiered a piano concerto composed for him in Maine and is comfortable in styles of music ranging from jazz and ragtime to more contemporary improvisation. George Lopez is Artist in Residence at Bowdoin College on Maine where he performs regularly to capacity crowds and conducts the Bowdoin Symphony Orchestra.