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Week of January 11, 2020

GYROKINESIS® exercise is a complete movement system, for all levels and ages, and can be applied to a variety of situations, as one needs very little equipment. It incorporates many key principles from yoga, dance, gymnastics and Tai Chi. The class begins with the practitioner seated on a low stool and begins with simple breathing patterns to awaken the body. He or she mobilizes the spine and joints through a series of arching, curling and spiraling movements. The corresponding breathing patterns in every movement help to stimulate the nervous system and open up energy pathways. Rhythm, movement, & breath are the key elements of this system accessible for all fitness levels.

Sunday-Friday, 11:00am, 75 min.


Rita Renha has been a certified instructor of the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®, GYROKINESIS®, and GYROTONIC® specialized equipment in the United States since 1991. In this capacity, she taught at the original White Cloud Studios NYC under the supervision of its founder and creator, Mr. Juliu Horvath, who appointed her one of his first generation of Master Trainers.

Rita since then has been participating in the development of GYROTONIC® and it’s application to physical therapy (prevention and rehabilitation), fitness, health, and wellness. She has been having the pleasure to teach/treat people from all walks of life and the privilege to educate the new generations of teachers and Master Trainers worldwide.

She taught GYROKINESIS® at the Alvin Ailey American Dance School, Steps on Broadway and introduced the method to the Actor’s Studio Masters Program at New School in the ’90s, in New York City.

During that time Rita was also a staff member of the National Dance Institute (NDI), an arts and education program founded by Mr Jacques D’Amboise. As a teacher and choreographer, Rita ran NDI’s program for deaf children and had the opportunity to introduce GYROKINESIS® classes at its summer scholarship program.

Inspired by her personal recovery from knee injuries, from all her teaching experiences and as part of the effort to expand worldwide awareness, in the year 2000, Rita moved back to Brazil, her home country, to promote and represent GYROTONIC® and it’s educational program in South America.

She opened in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro’s heart, the Rita Renha Wellness Center, where she has been developing groundbreaking work for singers, actors and dancers to improve their performance skills and prevent injuries, as well as the Physical Therapy applications of GYROTONIC®’S methodology. She has also founded the GYROTONIC® Institute Brazil.